Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carmina Villaroel and Her Show Day Off at Butchie's Recipes

Talented actress, model and TV show host Carmina Villaroel recently shot a segment of their Father's Day episode at Butchie's Recipes of La Moderna Pampanga.

Capping the signature day off of spa pampering, a hardworking vocal coach and his cute daughter were treated to a Filipino-Capampangan meal at Butchie's Recipes.

Dinner menu was the restaurant's signature beef calitiran, bulanglang na bangus (which Carmina loved!) and okoy. Dessert was ebun buro (red egg) ice cream and buco cheese pandan sherbet.

Carmina found the frozen tinapang tilapia unique and bought all of our stock! Thank you QTV, Carmina and Allane!


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